Warzone pacific Season 01 Gameplay , Trailer ,Update Patch notes

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Get The latest info and news on Warzone Pacific season 01 Caldera new map including Gameplay Patch notes release date ,size, POIs , and more .First teased during the Multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty: Vanguard, Caldera is a World War II-themed island map slated to release in Warzone shortly after the launch of Vanguard. It is characterized by dense forests, caves, and large water-based areas.Though Warzone’s new map will be free for all players, those playing Vanguard will have 24 hours early access.

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Warzone Pacific Season 01 Gameplay, Release date , Time , Launch Traile

Warzone Pacific Gameplay (Full Caldera Map Tour Early Access Plane Exploration! )

Video via Activision and P4wnyhof (youtube channel)

Release date  , Time :

Caldera will launch with Season One of Call of Duty: Vanguard on Dec. 8, 2021. The Caldera early access launch date is Wednesday 8 December 2021, then, as long as you pay for CoD Vanguard ! For all Warzone players, the general release date will be on Friday, December 9. That launch will be preceded by several in-game events both previewing Caldera and giving Verdansk a grand send-off.

Caldera, a Warzone Pacific map, will be accessible at the following times :

  • UK: 5pm (GMT)
  • Europe: 6pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 9am (EST)
  • West Coast US: 12pm (PST)

Launch Trailer :

Video via Activision

Warzone Pacific Season 01 Update Patch notes , Size

Season 1 roadmap via Activision

Warzone New Game modes :

Two new modes will be making their way to Warzone Pacific :

Caldera Battle Royale :

This is the normal mode in Warzone, where you may employ over 150 weapons from all three games.It also includes ATVs, SUVs, Berthas, and Helicopters, among other vehicles.So all of the Battle Pass skins you’ve bought and earned won’t go to waste.

Warzone Vanguard Royale :

Vanguard Royale, which takes place on Caldera and features exclusively Vanguard’s weaponry and dogfighting, transforms Warzone into a realistic WW2 experience.The integration of Vanguard introduces over 40 WW2 weaponry to Warzone, with the Vanguard Royale playlist allowing players to test them all out in their own mode.It also incorporates Dogfighting, in which users may get into fighter planes and engage in aerial combat.Think of it as a « Precision Airstrike, » where you’re in the cockpit, ready to rain down fire on a squad or protect your own from an opposing pilot, according to the developers.In addition, players on the ground can use AA weapons to protect themselves.

Warzone Pacific map Caldera size , how it looks like ,pois , size compared to Verdansk

Here Size and how it looks like :

Image via Activision

As Activision has already claimed that in total there are over 200 points of interest across the map to explore. Here are the Caldera map’s main points of interest (whether any have been left out isn’t known ) :

  • A – Arsenal
  • B – Docks
  • C – Runway
  • D- Ruins
  • E – Mines
  • F – Peak
  • G – Beachhead
  • H – Village
  • I – Lagoon
  • J – Airfield
  • K – Fields
  • L – Sub Pen
  • M – Power Plant
  • N – Capital
  • O – Resort

Following this image , we see the names of 15 locations, while one more appears to be obscured by the collar of the jacket, bringing the total number to 12.While some of these POIs were predictable based on what we’ve seen of Warzone Pacific’s Caldera so far – such as Volcano and Phosphorous Mines – others were a pleasant surprise. The map will contain a Submarine Base, a Fishing Village, and Ancient Structures.The main urbanised area of the map, City Capital, is located on the southern tip of the island, while the Volcano takes centre stage, being located pretty close to the middle of the map.

Size compared to Verdansk

This is a rough size comparison between Verdansk and the future Warzone map « Pacific Caldera ». Scaling was not that obvious.

Via Reddit user AyranMen32

According to sources the side of a square on the Verdansk map is around 375 to 400m. But when applying that, the comparison didnt make any sense, Pacific Caldera was litteraly 70% of Verdansk. So I tweaked the scale of Verdansk a bit, where streets and buildings have normal sizes. For example, the street next to the cafe (above and right to airstrip of Airport) has a width of about 7 to 8 meters according to the scale I applied. When based on scale of some sources, that same street would be between 17 and 20m. Not quite right imo. Via Reddit user AyranMen32

Warzone Richochet anticheat release date

The Ricochet anti-cheat kernel-level driver will release with the Warzone Pacific Season 1 update on December 8 2021, 9 December if you don’t own Vanguard.The kernel-level driver will only be available on PC and for Warzone at this time and will assist in identifying cheaters. The Ricochet anti-cheat will also deploy « server-side upgrades ». To summarize, players might not see the full effects of the Ricochet anti-cheat system in all its glory until Warzone Pacific Season 1 releases. The kernel-level driver will subsequently release for Vanguard at a later, undisclosed date.